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I was speaking with an auto financing professional last night, and he had several key points for individuals with a bad credit score.

To start with, you need to have sensible expectations. For example, you should adopt the 20% concept: allocate at most 20 percent of your monthly salary or wages for all of your current vehicles. This includes:

  • Monthly Repayment
  • Insurance
  • Gas
  • Auto Repairs and Scheduled Maintenance

If you’ve got a good credit score, you’ll be able to find car loans in Scranton, PA without difficulty. But having poor credit is a different scenario entirely. We need to discuss how you can to an auto loan for the car or truck you want with less-than-perfect credit. In order to get more people who want to buy a car approved, a growing number of car dealers are offering in house loans.

Since auto dealers only make money if they can sell you a car, they are very determined to approve you for car loans in Scranton, PA, even when clients have problems like bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure, divorce, or credit card debt.

Auto financing with poor credit is is not the same as getting a loan from the bank. You can get approved with poor credit, as long as you satisfy the criteria with respect to wages and down payment. Now and then car lots enable you to finance at 0% APR, but this is pretty uncommon when it comes to less-than-perfect credit.