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Fed up with getting declined for a car loan? You aren’t the only one. When you have poor credit, hardly any banks will work with you. Think of somebody’s credit score as a testament of their ability to pay off their debts. If a borrower doesn’t have favorable credit, creditors will be hesitant to offer them financing. However, bank loans aren’t your sole way to go.

For those who can’t seem to find a loan from the bank, it might seem like you’ve hit a wall – you haven’t.

Regular auto dealers offer automobile financing with the aid of third party loan providers. This isn’t the case when it comes to on the spot financing car dealers.

By removing the third party lender, the car lot expands the array of credit scores they can approve.

Auto Financing in Pennsylvania
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The process is a bit different in comparison with getting a bank loan. You can get financed on the spot, provided that you have your particulars squared away:

  • Valid PA Driver’s License
  • Personal References
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Address
  • Social Security Card
  • Down Payment

Some dealers let you finance a car or truck at zero percent interest; however, this is pretty uncommon when it comes to bad credit.